Throw Your 21st Birthday In Style

Twenty first birthdays is anyone’s dream age to be and apart from the eighteenth birthday, twenty one is an age that everyone looks forward to. This is usually the age most people become a legal adult in most countries and true there are so many things that we all look forward to doing once we turn 21. We know that there are certain ages where we wait to throw a big party like the 13th birthday, 18th and the 21st birthday as well. I remember that I did the same and it was quite hassle trying to choose a place and a theme.

When I was going to throw my 21st party, I didn’t have anyone other than my mother to really help me on things and my friends were quite clueless back then. It’s great for most people today that you have a lot of ways to find out what kind of themes you want to follow or the way you really want to organize it. The main thing is choosing a proper place and setting a good food menu and majority of the time our parents will look out for that. The matters in our hands will be related to the theme, what clothes to wear; whether to choose some modern casual outfit or retro dresses and what kind of a party are we planning to throw. When my elder sister celebrated her 21st, it was quite a simple party with no much of fun activities.

It was more like a get together where all her friends gathered into chit chatting around and having dinner.One thing you really need to keep in mind when throwing a great party is to make sure what your friends will actually enjoy doing and what you will enjoy doing with them. If you want to make it quite a big party with all your friends, you can either throw a dance party or if your friends seem more adventurous, your’ll can go hiking or some water games and if you have friends who are quite chilled, you could throw a big sleepover for everyone where you don’t really even have to worry about what kind of outfit to wear; casual or an ideal retro clothing for women.

You don’t have to throw a party that is photo petty or ready all the time; it’s true that you will need to make some beautiful photos with your friends and family but that’s not the main thing. What matters at the end of the day is whether you really enjoyed your day and made beautiful memories in your heart.