Swimwear For The Baby Bulge

If you’re like me, a traditionalist at heart who adores nursing wear more than anything because like your mother, grandmother and great grandmother before you who have raised you up the same way and like the idea of giving a part of yourself as nutrition for your little one, then swimming while you’re accoutred with the ever fashionable (and continuously) growing baby bump, is a big no. Imagine the looks the people will give you, donning the seemingly “fashionable” pregnancy swimwear that oh so happens to have your favourite type of colour and style if ever (and I mean ever) you wear the highly advertised pregnancy swimwear. It’s ludicrous! But, is it really?

Fancy taking the mechanics of the nursing wear. Mothers used to be all out when it came to showing off their breasts for their crying bubbas to have their feed. Modesty should have been an issue then but clearly, it wasn’t. These days, nursing wears are great alternatives to the seemingly immodest and rather punctuated behaviours of our traditional mothers. And besides, they love not just the comfortability and support they provide, but the wide-range of easy and extremely useful products that range from the nursing tops and the ever handy specialised brassieres to the baby carriers and the nappy and baby-essential carrier-bags.

Back to the real deal though: swimwear for the ever-growing baby bulge. Taking a dip into the big blue isn’t so bad to cool off, or even to spa off all the stress away from the growing body. And what better way to be low-key but still enjoy the watery cools without the pretence is to know that maternity swimwear is as available everywhere as baby bottles? Maternity swimwear may be hard to differentiate in name similar to the pregnancy sleepwear because it’s really all about the tank tops, shorts and pants and camisoles while swimwear boasts the tankini (it’s a bikini but with the bulge perfectly accentuated without skin-revelation) or the swimsuit, and the occasional beach pants/dress, but the variations and the pieces to mix and match are as endless.

Struggling to keep yourself from just simply sitting on the edge of the pool or with half your body under the water will be a struggle no more when you’re as comfortable as ever in your own skin wearing the proper and fashionable swimwear you are accustomed to before you got the baby bump and the 24-hour baking. Of course, like those who wear maternity belts, pregnancy swimwear isn’t exactly for everyone. For most, it’s because they want to flaunt the bulge and at the same time take pleasure in the company of friends while on a holiday and simply, because they are just water lovers who can’t get away and are set on dedicating their future child to the beauty of the waters. Others simply just don’t want anything to do with it, physically, but would love to lounge about near it. Either way, a comfortable yet sexy, supportive yet pregnancy bathers are best to make a statement or not. The range is as endless as bottomless iced tea, so why not take the dive? Someone did really say “swimwear for the baby bulge” anyway.”