No Heels? That’s Fine As Well!

Are you wondering what to pick for your bridal footwear? If you have not yet considered buying a pair of flats, here are some reasons to make you rethink your options:

  • Being comfortable – the best reason you, or anyone else for that matter, would cite for wanting flats as the go-to ivory bridal shoes is no doubt comfort. In comparison to your traditional stilettos or pumps, ballerina flats are definitely very comfortable. Despite the claims about heels improving your posture and making your legs look prettier, the truth is that they are torturous and over time, give you chronic pains and even deformations in your feet. You do not have any of these issues with flats, and you can rest assured that you will be able to wear the flats throughout the reception and the party night!
    • Avoiding potentially tripping – the other biggest issue anyone would have with the usual evening shoes is their inexplicable ability to trip you up and make you clumsily fall down. And we would all want to avoid that on our biggest day, right? Unless you are extremely sure of your ability to sport high heels, it would be a better choice to stay on the safe side and wear flats; you certainly won’t risk falling down (unless you are incredibly clumsy, that is). Visit this link for more info on evening shoes especially in low heel.
      • Difference – you might also think of flats as a lesser seen, different alternative to the heels that you see in almost every wedding. If you are the type of bride that prefers to go her own way and personalize her wedding, then using heels instead of heels is an ideal way to make a difference!
        • Avoiding dress issues – this is more of a hidden advantage of flats, but have you ever been in situations where you could not find a pair of shoes for a formal event until the very last minute? Unless your dress is short, this can be quite problematic, because it will mean that you won’t have any time to adjust your dress to the height of the heel. Since flats basically lack a heel, you should not have to worry about wearing a long dress that is shorter than it should be once you wear your shoes.
          • Matching height ratios – and finally, this is becoming less of a contentious point nowadays, but many couples – and people in general – believe in something called ‘couple balance’. It is where the male partner is traditionally taller than the female partner.

Unless your partner has quite a large gap in height difference with you, the use of heels can easily make you seem taller than him. This is why you would want to opt for smaller heels. However, in cases where you both are almost the exact height, or you are taller than him, using flats might be a good idea.