How To Be Casual Yet Professional On Dress-Down-Friday

Dress-Down-Friday is a strategy that is adapted by most companies of today. While all employees are expected to abide by the formal dress etiquettes on the other days, on this day they have the freedom to keep it simple and comfortable. However how this Friday outfit works, may differ from company to company, but here are some general tips to help you dress well even on Dress-Down-Friday.

The impression

Even though it might be Dress-Down-Friday, you are still expected to continue working in your job role. And if it is one that involves you directly dealing with important clients and regular customers then you certainly need to be able to give the right impression but still keep it simple in terms of your outfit. So one of the first things you should consider when choosing outfits for this day is whether whatever you opt to wear, gives the right impression to the persons you might be dealing with, even if it is good evening jumpsuits. If you look lousy and careless with your clothes, then it gives an impression that the work you do, too is of that kind. So do keep that in mind when picking outfits to wear on this day!

The clean and crisp look

Wearing khakis or some of those jeans you bought at a vintage jeans sale are ideal to create a clean and crisp look that screams casual yet professional at the same time. you could match them with some white button down shirts or blouses and a blazer to give the whole look an edgier touch. You could also match some flats or low heel shoes to go with the entire thing!

The simple jewelry

Accessorizing is everything when it comes to creating the perfect outfit. So even on Dress-Down-Friday make sure that you pick the right accessories that not only goes with your outfit but is also appropriate for work. You certainly need to avoid wearing clanking bangles and clinging anklets. They are definitely not appropriate at all and creates a huge disturbance to your work.

No too much skin

Just because you have got the liberty to dress as casual as you want, do think twice about your outfit choice and keep in mind that you are still going to work at the end of the day. So when you are planning what to wear, stay away from crop stops and other clothes of such kind that bears too much skin. Most companies also don’t encourage wearing flip flops to work. So think of that as well when you are raiding your closet for Friday!

No ripped clothes

As cool as ripped jeans might be, do not ever even consider wearing them for work even if it is only for Dress-Down-Friday. These might be perfectly alright to hang out with friends or go for some party but they are the epitome of casual that isn’t exactly welcomed by any firm. So if you are wearing jeans, check for those frayed edges and avoid them!