Add To The Glam Look of The Fifties


From Marilyn Monroe to Veronica Lake, there are several beauties from the forties and the fifties who were popular as pin up girls for generations. They are still popular pin up faces that you will see on walls of men and women in their homes as well as on billboards. The unique fashion that was flaunted by these ladies led to this term being popular in the fashion industry. Indeed, there are certain ways to flaunt a look similar to these glamorous ladies. If you have a party to go to or simply a weekend of fun planned ahead with your friends, try on the look to get a lot of complements and stares.

Get the hair right

When it comes to pin up girl fashion you need to get the hair right before you start with the dresses and accessories. The hair needs to be perm styled and curled and you need to give it a bounce in order to flaunt the right look. Highlighted in natural brown shades with curled up flares will surely set the look right.

Choose the dress

The dress is the most important part of the pin up girl clothing. The stress needs to be on accentuating the assets which were all that these ladies did. So you need a push up bra and a low necked dress or top in order to begin with. When shopping for pin up clothing, opt for flared, full shirts with wide waited belts or dresses which have a similar flair in the skirt area. Feminine dresses look most convincing for carrying out this look.

Get the makeup right

The makeup needs to have high stress on the eyes as well as on the lips. Even if the current trends forecast pale lips, you need to go against that and add on red lips which will set the tone right. Bright colors for the lips, coupled with eyebrows and eyelashes highlighted will help you to complete the look. Red or bright nail colors need to be added on as well with the tips left open.

Shop for the look

If you would love to flaunt the pin up girl look but do not have the dresses, the shoes or the right fashion ideas begin with, there are several fashion specialty stores that can come to your aid. Look up the right store near your area and seek consultation online. If you find the right kind of ideas as well as find the dresses you want on their online catalog, it will help you to source the right clothes for the look. You could also gain inspiration from the lookbooks that these stores have or seek their personal assistance from the store representatives.